3 Reasons Why Ugly Guys Are Dating Pretty Women

You’ll be walking down the street and you will see what the world considers an ugly guy with a pretty woman with he arm around him. You wonder why is this so? Here are 3 reasons.

Reason 1 He has drugs that she wants for free

Being addicted to drugs is not just something normal girls succumb to. The life of a really pretty woman can be tragic, including but not always sexual abuse as a child. Many men wield a lot of power with an unending supply of free drugs while she is with him. Thankfully this is not something that all women go for with an ugly guy.

Reason 2 He has something that she wants

An actress can be found on the arm of a famous producer because he is her ticket into as many films as she likes. A pretty woman can overlook looks in an instance like this, as she gets to perform her craft and even has a producer having a screenplay writer crafting characters just for her. We all love a pretty woman on a screen and a famous producer is a great ticket to that sort of life.

What people might describe as the casting couch can lead into a life of love between the actress and producer.

Many young pretty women want security in life and they will trade good looks in a husband to security for life. Dating and marrying a mega rich tycoon is the best sort of security she can have for herself and her children.

Reason 3 True love

Do you know that all of a pretty woman’s life she is being told how pretty she is. Mankind seems to love beauty and beauty has power. But being a beautiful woman isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It’s amazing that men prefer blonds, though there are hundreds of dumb blond jokes around. It’s like we like a pretty woman but we only want her to show off, we don’t want her to speak.

Educated woman are great to know. Many stunning educated woman find that even with a doctorate that they are still put in this little pretty woman basket. If education meant that we would have an equal society we would have just as many women as men in the boardrooms of the world.

The fact is that women are discriminated against, no matter how pretty they are. กลุมลับ

A pretty woman can never be sure if people, like her because of her looks or who she is inside.

Yet, an ugly guy can be sure that his friends are his friends because of what is inside. He may be called a geek at school being shunned, and in his spare time he spends most of it in his bedroom playing and recording his instruments with a digital studio. But when this musical computer geek plays lead guitar with his band in a local pub, suddenly people give him praise and everyone wants to be his friend.

But a person who has been alone and suffered loneliness and yet still succeeded in life has a good way of making sure who is allowed to be close to him.

So let’s say he is studying music at college and he knows this stunning young woman. She is studying music also and is a gifted singer. One day after having many lunches with her in a group, he comes into the class with a Mp3 of one of his songs and tells her that he wants to record her. When she reads the lyrics she cries. He has got to really know her and written a song all about her life and how she feels inside. He says to her to come rehearse that song with his band and then when she is confident she can sing it at one of the bands infrequent gigs. He has already talked it over with the band.


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