A Home Based Internet Marketing Business Of Your Own – The Greatest Challenge And How To Overcome It

I am often asked what the greatest challenges are in starting a home based internet marketing business.

People often cite the following as their greatest fears:

  • Scams: They are everywhere and they are very appealing. Get rich quick in 30 days or less without working or fussing. I don’t think so!
  • Computer coding: People vapor lock when they see a snippet of computer code. Relax. Almost all the coding was done by experts years ago. Any coding you might want to do now is accompanied by simple instructions.
  • How to get on Google: You don’t get on Google. You build a site with great information. Google and the other search engines will find you.
  • How to get onto the top 10 of a search engine results page (serp): Colonel Winchester once said that “God created man and he made them all equal.” So it is with the internet. You cannot buy your way onto the top 10 list. You can buy AdWords advertizing (those little ads you see sprinkled all around this page, for example), but you can only get onto the top 10 by giving your visitors a high quality experience.
  • What to sell: Simple. Anything you want. If you make something, sell that. The greatest blessing of the internet is something called affiliate marketing, It offers the perfect home based internet business. Basically, you become a commission salesperson for a company. Whether you want to sell custom pencils or corporate jets, this program allows you to build a great business for FREE.
  • How to safely collect money: Not that many years ago, you had to have a merchant account and deposit thousands of dollars before a bank would think of covering you to accept credit cards and such. Now, with companies like Paypal and others, it is almost free, very easy and extremely safe for you and your customer.
  • Handling customer issues: This one is up to you. The best way I know of is to become an affiliate for a company and let them deal with the customers.:-)
  • Have to quit your job?: Heck, no! On the internet, you can start as part time as you want. Your home based business will grow as fast or as slow as you want it to.
  • Lost in all the terms like PPC, SEO,: Alright, this one can be hairey, but it need not be if you deal with reputable companies.
  • What if I fail?: Yeah, so what if you fail. You tried a home business, didn’t you and that is all that matters. I’ll let you in on a little secret. You have not failed until you quit. Give it a shot. If you were a quitter, you wouldn’t have read this far in this article. Wayne Gretzky, the hockey legend once said, “You always miss the shot you don’t take”.
  • Do these businesses have any value?: You bet. You are building a business here, not some cardboard facade. internetmarketing bureau

How many succeed? Everyone that works hard.

What is the greatest challenge of all?: You. You are standing in your own way. Fear of all kinds, coupled with lack of confidence will drive you into the quitters’ barn.

What can people do to have a high chance of success?:

  1. Education: The internet is full of free information.
  2. Trial and error: It is the only proven way to succeed.
  3. Look out for scams: They are all over and sugar coated. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Better business bureau: Yes, they have a long list of cheats. For a few dollars, they will check you out and then you can proudly advertise on your site that you are endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. It gets no better than this, my friend.
  5. Buy through Paypal: I mentioned these guys before. I love them. When you buy anything, a course or a book or whatever, but through Paypal. If it is a rip off, you get all your money back with a few mouse clicks and your information is safe.
  6. Take pride in yourself: Start believing that you deserve more than being a part of the cold, grey herd of mediocrity.
  7. Excitement: You are entering the greatest market ever devised. The World Wide Web has been accurately called the River of Gold. People go to the river with a little cup to timidly scoop out a little bit of gold. I say show up with an oil tanker or two. The river doesn’t care, it just keeps on moving.


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