How to Hit on Pretty Girls – Make Her Flirt Right Back at You

If a sight of a pretty girl makes you stop dead on your tracks and stare at her with your mouth hanging open, you sure are going to scare her big time. Couple it with a little drooling and that’s enough to drive her completely out of her wits to flee away from the vicinity. Come on, man, slap yourself in the face and chill — that’s not exactly the best way to hit on pretty girls. You’re ruining every chance you get when you act like a high school kid who hasn’t had his first kiss yet. Grow some confidence, be cool and act normal — below are a few tips on how to hit on pretty girls like a real man — and make her flirt right back at you even! กลุมลับ

  • Get Real. If you’re planning to pretend to be someone else, that plan should go straight to the trash. I’m not saying you go over and say, “Hi. What’s your name? I’m actually thinking of hitting on you.” Well, that tactic can work on some days but definitely not today. Especially if it’s your first time to approach a girl. Just go over and talk, like normal people do. Skip your pick-up lines, don’t smooth talk all at once and be sensitive with her body language. It’s going to go well after all.
  • Forget Rejection. Approach anxiety is overrated and you better try to be a little bit more confident than the yester-years. Being a shy guy is nice but if you want to get a pretty girl, or better yet, get lots of girls, you should start acting otherwise. Nothing will happen if you stay glued on that wall until midnight — get some action done!
  • Never push too hard. Getting a little aggressive is all right but coming in too strong can scare the girls away, too. Learn to have balance — not too weak but not too scary as well. You best bet is to act like yourself — when did being normal become so hard when it comes to impressing the ladies? Be cool and things would get better, believe me.
  • Take-you-or-leave-you attitude. Desperation is for amateurs. You don’t have to be one just so you can make a girl say yes to go on a date with you. Let’s do the easier, simpler way — introduce yourself, engage in a conversation, exchange a few personal information about each other — and then find out if she’s into you or not. If she is, than that’s great. Ask her out on a date. If she’s not, you can try a few more times and then leave it at that. No point in dwelling to much on something that’s not meant to be, right?

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