Luxor International Airport: Important Facts and Information

Luxor International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Egypt – a fact that does not startle many as Luxor is one incredible holiday destination that is replete with some of the world’s most astonishing beauty and ancient architectural wonders. plane information

Luxor International Airport is located just 8 km from the city and a tourist guide is surely not needed to direct you towards the city’s heart! Public buses are available to take you there. Being a rather cheap transport option, buses to and from the airport may be a little crowded for some. For travellers who prefer a little comfort, taxis are available from outside the airport’s terminal; and for passengers who prefer luxury, limousine service is also provided. Luxor International Airport serves nearly 2 million passengers annually and is managed by the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority.

Luxor is most known for its wonderful Valley of the Kings, and it is this very attraction that enchants people all over the world to dig out Luxor as well as the Luxor airport information. Luxor Airport’s website is a useful guide that offers information to the potential travellers. Tips are available regarding airport’s location, capacity as well as history. The website features all other kind of relevant Luxor airport information for passengers. Log onto to get a view yourself!

Airlines from all over the world land at the Luxor International Airport, in particular the ones that take off from the European cities! Indeed, Luxor is massively popular among Europeans but this is not to say that tourists from other parts of the world can not be seen in these parts of the woods. Full-service award winning carriers, low-budget airlines, code share as well as global alliances member airlines use the airport for routing to Middle East destinations and the cities in the African continent.

Airport Facilities and Amenities

The Luxor International Airport offers all kinds of facilities and amenities to the travellers. For travellers interested in shopping, there are stores that sell all sorts of gift items and souvenirs. Beautiful handicrafts can also found at the airport just as all the top international newspapers and magazines. There are also duty-free shopping arcades that offer wonderful bargains for people to have.

Food joints at the airport are also wonderful and offer travellers a variety of cuisines to sample out! Restaurants and cafes are located all over the airport for the convenience of the passengers.

Other services and amenities at the airport include ATMs, money exchange facilities as well as medical care for individuals needing first-aid. The Luxor International Airport also features a mosque for people who wish to offer a prayer. Additionally, the airport maintains a VIP lounge.


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