Setting Up an Apartment Recycling Program – It’s Easier Than You Think

Did you know that a staggering 200,000,000 empty cartridges are discarded in the United Kingdom every year, and that a single empty cartridge could take centuries, if not millennia, to decompose? With the price of oil on the rise, you have to be cautious about using these cartridges as it takes about three quarts of oil to manufacture a single cartridge. That’s not all; the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified carbon black toner as carcinogenic, making it a hazardous landfill material.

It’s easy to recycle cartridges. These days, most manufacturers actively encourage you to recycle cartridges, either setting up kiosks at convenient locations to drop off empty cartridges or by charging no postage on sending the same by mail. Once collected, manufacturers sift through them based on their condition and model to be further broken down into their constituent parts. If any of the parts are worn out or damaged, they get replaced. Once refurbished, the next step is to refill the ink or toner and check for any errors. Voila! You now have a recycled cartridge at barely a quarter of the cost and in line with all the environmental standards. Now that you understand the importance of recycling cartridges, let’s consider the benefits: Waste Removal Dublin

Recycling Cartridges: Protect Mother Earth

The environmental benefits of recycling cartridges are far reaching and you can save on natural resources by recycling. At least 97% of the raw materials that make up an original printer cartridge can be reused. Depending on its condition, it can be refilled at least five to six times, although manufacturers generally only remanufacture a cartridge once to maintain a level of quality. Did you know that to produce a single ink casing, all types of fossil fuels, such as coal, gas, and diesel, are used? This results in the emission of greenhouse gases and uses up precious non-renewable natural resources. Recycling cartridges omits this stage of production, reducing the build-up of greenhouse gases. By recycling cartridges, you also conserve timber, water and minerals used in the manufacturing process.

There is always a small amount of ink still remaining in an empty cartridge when you dispose of it. This is a manufacturing necessity; in inkjet printers it prevents the print heads of the printer overheating and, consequently, being damaged. Even when thrown away in landfills and forgotten, empty cartridges remain hazardous because the ink is toxic. If any amount seeps into the soil, it can contaminate farmland and water supplies. Manufacturers dispose of this hazardous waste ink in a safe fashion during the remanufacturing process, preventing it from ending up on landfill sites and polluting the Earth.

Recycling Cartridges: Money Matters

It is a myth that buying recycled cartridges costs you less but you end up compromising on quality. Reusing recycled cartridges reduces printing costs up to seventy percent compared to their original counterparts. Recycled cartridges can hold up to twenty percent more ink and professionally recycled cartridges usually produce an equal print quality to their original counterparts.

With the increasing importance given to recycling cartridges, manufacturers are starting to offer incentives to consumers. Recycling cartridges is an easy way to increase your bank balance and manufacturers sometimes provide special buy-back offers. You get paid to recycle your cartridges: the more you send back to the manufacturers, the more money you can make. Recycling cartridges can also contribute to charity work. Some schemes are created whereby the more empty cartridges that are collected, the more money they donate to a specified charity, school and/or church. This way it’s a double whammy, as you not only help the environment but also partake in charity activities. It is a win-win situation – by recycling cartridges, you rid yourself of an old item you would otherwise throw away, and either you or a deserving cause reaps the benefits as a result.

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