What Are the Best Foods For Dieting?

The best foods for dieting don’t come in a can or a frozen foods container. They’re found right in the produce section, the canned good aisles and the refrigerator sections of your local supermarket. It can be tempting to use frozen Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig meals to jumpstart weight loss, but too often these food snacks contain extremely high sodium levels and extremely low nutritional value (compared to their raw foods counterparts). Time and time again, processed foods disappoint us by containing harmful elements like trans fats or acrylamide. Eating healthy and losing weight isn’t rocket science; it is knowledge that we must take a moment to assimilate.

Grapefruit is one of the best foods for breakfast or lunch snacks, according to the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center and Scripps Clinic. Eating just half a grapefruit before each meal (or drinking a serving of grapefruit juice three times a day) helped dieters lose more than three pounds over 12 weeks. The phytochemicals in grapefruits reduced insulin levels and forced the body to convert calories into energy instead of fat, the center found. Also, adding a high-fiber cereal will cut cravings and deliver a healthy diet dose of nutrients that promote heart health, bone health and mental health. plant based protein snacks

For lunch, the best, healthy foods can be typical or slightly surprising. Salad is an obvious choice for eating healthy, as it is low in calories, not to mention high in vitamin C, E, folic acid, lycopene and disease-fighting carotenoids. In a Penn State study of 42 women, not surprisingly those who ate a big low-cal salad ate 12% less pasta afterward. Many diets also say that beans are excellent for weight loss, appetite suppression, keeping blood sugar stable and lowering cholesterol. Chicken noodle soup and tofu are other less-noted appetite suppressors. Hot red pepper is an item you may not routinely think of in weight loss but a Japanese study found that the ingredient capsaicin helps to suppress the appetite and increase metabolic rates.

The best foods for snacking run the gamut from pears to nuts. According to the FDA, there are six grams of fiber in a medium-sized pear, which will help fill you up. Apples, with three grams of fiber, is another savvy choice. Nuts may be higher in calories (a handful contains 165), but a Purdue University study found that those who snack on nuts are slimmer and healthier. Those who ate 500 calories worth of peanuts each day, consumed less at meals, had 11% faster metabolic rates and gained added disease-fighting benefits. For instance, walnuts contain cancer-fighting omega-3 fatty acids and just 10-20 pecans per day has been shown to reduce heart disease risks.

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